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United Way Retired and Senior Volunteer (RSVP) program

If you’re willing to share the skills and experience you have gained through a lifetime of living, come, join us. Become a United Way RSVP member today!
United Way RSVP is changing the image of older adults. RSVP stands for Retired and Senior Volunteer Program and is America’s largest volunteer network for people age 55 and over. Consisting of over 500,000 volunteers throughout the country, RSVP members tackle tough issues in their community. RSVP offers a full range of volunteer opportunities specialized for older and more experienced adults. When you join RSVP, you will have a chance to learn new skills, utilize skills you already have and become involved in activities that will benefit your local community. Through RSVP, volunteers match their skills, wisdom and talents with the needs of the community in Lake, La Porte and Starke Counties.
Who can join the United Way RSVP?
  • Seniors 55 and older
  • Seniors who have a genuine desire to make a difference in their community
  • Seniors who have few (or many) hours to give
Why join the United Way RSVP?
  • FREE volunteer placement
  • Flexible hours—volunteer on your own time
  • Quarterly LEADING TIMES newsletter
  • Opportunity to learn or share a talent
  • Meet new people
  • Training from the organization where you serve
  • Supplemental liability insurance & limited mileage reimbursement while volunteering
  • Social, Educational & Recognition events throughout the year
  • New Benefits are added regularly
What can you find United Way RSVP volunteers doing?
  • Assisting at Hospitals, Food Banks, Shelters, Hospice, Nutrition Sites, V.A. Clinics, Civic Centers and Day Care Centers
  • Working with after school programs for children, teenagers and young adults
  • Knitting, crocheting & sewing
  • Tax Preparation for low income households and  seniors
  • Office Administration
  • Interviewing
  • Helping to provide serves for the needy and most vulnerable.
  • Answer and directing calls for your station
  • And much more…….
We can match your abilities, skills and interests to one of our various stations!
How do you become a United Way RSVP Member?
There are three easy ways to become a United Way RSVP member.
  • Click on the volunteer application to print out your own United Way RSVP application. Simply fill this out the form and send it back to Michael Glorioso your United Way RSVP Coordinator either by email, or by mail; PO Box 2028, Valparaiso, IN 46384.
  • Call 219-464-3583 for more information about the United Way RSVP and set up a meeting to discuss any questions you might have.
  • If you currently volunteer somewhere, ask them if they are a Station site of the United Way RSVP. If not have them call to set up an appointment to become a station.
Interested in being a United Way RSVP Station?
What is a United Way RSVP Station? A station is the place where our United Way RSVP members volunteer their time and talents. Any non-profit or business that uses volunteers to help tackle the hard issues like hunger, health care, domestic violence, economic opportunity, education, veterans and military family and many more. Some of the benefits to being a Station for the United Way RSVP are:
  • FREE Volunteer placement
  • FREE Volunteer Management Training
  • No pressure to keep a volunteer who doesn’t work out.
  • Social, Educational and Recognition events throughout the year for not only the RSVP member but station supervisors.
  • Another benefit for current volunteers who are part of your agency
  • And much more…….
If you are interested in becoming a United Way RSVP Station, call 219-464-3583.