Stories and Feedback

Heart warming stories of how Meals on Wheels LaPorte County has made a difference.

Share the Love
The magic of love can help everyone cope with life’s most difficult challenges. A kiss and hug can translate into “someone cares and everything will work out".  The magic of love was shared by a Meals on Wheels volunteer and a meal recipient during a routine delivery.
A long time meal recipient living alone in rural LaPorte County, recovering from Cancer and the ill effects of chemotherapy, was very grateful for her daily meal delivery. Betty’s appetite had improved and she was looking forward to recovery. During a routine meal delivery the Meals on Wheels volunteer noticed that Betty was extremely upset. After talking for a few minutes our volunteer learned that Betty’s cancer was back. Without hesitation our volunteer stood up, walked across the room and gave Betty a hug and kiss.
With a smile on her face Betty explained “I needed that —I have no one to hug me” A story about Meal on Wheels and an act of kindness shared by two people. We offer food and friendship with a daily wellness check to ensure that “No Senior goes Hungry”.
A Dog's Tale
One beautiful spring day "Buddy" a stunning golden Spaniel decided to take a walk leaving his faithful master behind. After roaming near and far Buddy realized he was very far from home. Buddy and his master had been together for 17 years, Never apart, the two were truly "Buddies".
Lunch time came and true to form the faithful Meals on Wheels volunteer came to deliver a meal to Buddy's 92 year old master. With dog treat in hand, the volunteer didn't see or hear Buddy but found a distraught meal recipient. After calming and consoling our meal recipient the volunteer ventured out to look for Buddy. Problem was that our volunteer was scared of dogs and wasn't looking forward to finding a lost angry dog. But he made the attempt and much to his surprise the found Buddy laying in a ditch beside the road.
Buddy had been hit by a car. His left hip was inured. After several attempts at waving a dog treat in front of Buddy's nose he finally coaxed the dog out of the ditch. With help Buddy jumped into the car. After a short ride home a nervous volunteer united an old dog and his aging master. The two are still cohabiting and enjoying each other's company. Buddy has never attempted to venture out again.
Client and Family Feedback:
From family: Thank you so much for the many years you brought meals –food and friendship- to my beloved mom. It has been over a year since she passed from this life into the presence of Christ Whom she loved so much. What you do matters in the lives of the people you serve and is a blessing to their families as well. With Love and deep appreciation.
From a recovered client: What a blessing to know meals on wheels is available when you need it. Thank you.
Dear Meals on Wheels Friends,  My mom, loved getting meals delivered by your friendly staff, and she made many new friends along the way. Thank you for the joy you brought into her life! Mom went to be with the Lord in December at the age of 90. She lived a wonderful life and we will miss her dearly. Thank you again for helping mom and so many others.
From family:  Meals on Wheels - A heartfelt and mighty “THANK YOU” to all the wonderful men and women who volunteered unselfishly to provide by dad with his lunch. He enjoyed you service tremendously! 
From a current client:  Before “Meals on Wheels” I was not eating properly and I lost a lot of weight. With meals delivered-I don’t have to worry about how I will get to the store, especially in winter, and I don’t have to worry about preparing meals. Which being by myself I didn’t always do.  All the volunteers are wonderful people. Very nice & friendly. Sometimes they are the only people I see all day. I have no complaints with the program. I am very happy with it and I would recommend it to anyone.
From a recovered client: Food was very good, portions were just perfect. I gained 7 pounds! I couldn’t have gotten along without Meals on Wheels. “I didn’t want to stay with family and they really didn’t want to stay with me”. I hope Meals on Wheels continues for a very long time. Volunteers were just delightful.
From survey comments:
The guy that delivers my meals is a doll! He is sweet and most funny…
Your service is remarkably punctual and dependable. Thank you all!!!
Great timely meals. Delivered by caring, pleasant volunteers!!!
All the delivery people are helpful and courteous. Enjoy their visits. 
100% year after year is the percentage of clients who say their meal delivery person is courteous.
44% of clients say their courteous volunteer may be the only person they see on some days.
46% of our clients say they would not be able to continue to live in their own homes without the meals delivered by volunteers.
Interesting facts from 2014
Served 240 days with 8 snow or cold days.
Delivered 47,530 meals to 299 clients. 
Over 36,000 miles driven.
Over 8,400 volunteer hours logged.
73% of our clients live below 150% of poverty.